Full Term Management Service FAQs

What is the Happy Rooms Full Term Management Service?

Our management service offers all levels of support to list your property on all popular Asia listing sites, total ongoing support for the property and guests, an Happy Rooms staff concierge service for your guests and full maintenance and cleaning services (ground support only available in select locations).

How much does Happy Tokyo charge for full term management?

We typically earn 10 – 20% (depending on property type, location, services, etc.) commission based on the total of non-refunded charges paid by the guest. This is the combination of the accommodation rate and extra guest fees. The cleaning fee is paid by the guest. We do not earn any commission on cleaning fees or security deposits. For strictly online support, our rate is 10%.

Does Happy Rooms respond to guest inquiries?

Yes. Immediately. Within minutes. Sometimes faster. We are even specially recognized by websites like Airbnb for our 100% rating for response times.Here is a recent example of one of the profiles we manage.

Can I, as the property host, stipulate strict rules (like no smoking and/or minimum age requirements?)

Yes! In fact when we get close to launching your property and going live we will spend ample time going through all of the traditional rules we typically have guest’s abide by as well as any specific to your property.

Who pays the cleaning fees?

Each guest/reservation is charged a cleaning fee as part of their stay. We arrive at the pre-determined amount with our cleaners based on the size/time a standard cleaning should take for your home including general cleaning, laundry, organization and staging. We then pay to the cleaners this amount. In instances in which our cleaners must charge more (excessive dirtiness, abnormal cleaning, etc.) we will work with the guests to recoup those extra costs or reach into the security deposit when applicable.

Does Happy Rooms meet the guests in person?

We offer to meet every guest personally at the property during their stay (if service is available in your area). We also go to the property ahead of the guest arrival to ensure the home is rental ready and the cleaning was done professionally. We refer to this as the pre-arrival walkthrough.

What does your traditional management service include? What do you do for vacation rental hosts?

We handle inquiries, bookings, marketing, photography, listing descriptions, housekeeping and maintenance. We are doing everything we can to help you generate as much revenue as possible from your rental and save you time by doing most/all of the work for you. This includes arranging the cleaning, responding to guest issues before, during and after their stay, calling in the handyman, plumber, electrician, and landscaper when needed. We respond to guest requests and handle all accounting and reporting on a monthly basis for your review.

Can Happy Rooms manage my home if its also one that I live in from time to time?

Yes. Our properties are at times the vacation homes that host’s use regularly throughout the year.

Does Happy Rooms learn about my home before getting started?

We spend exorbitant time getting to know the home, learning every light switch, audio/video, remote control, figuring out how to handle mail, trash & recycling schedules, and even how each item is stored in your kitchen.

How are Happy Rooms fees handled?

We charge based on each booking, and deducted from earned revenue, so you will rarely if ever have to worry about making a payment.

How is pricing determined for my nightly / weekly rental rate?

We rely on our proprietary software system to set your price based on the size of your home, where it is located, whether it has quality construction, and how it compares to nearby rentals and hotels. We also focus on how many bookings we have at any given time of the year. We lastly work with you depending on your needs and preferences. It’s a dynamic number and process that takes in hundreds of factors, the most important being your ultimate goal.

Is it difficult to get started?

No. We can help you get started at no risk within one-two days. Depending on the photographing of the property, descriptions of the home and it’s amenities, and agreements between host and manager and manager and tenants, we can be up and running online and offline within one week. You are always free to end our services without being penalized (however, depending on how advertising and marketing is structured we may seek reimbursement of any out of pocket costs if you elect to cancel prior to the end of the term).

Can you convert my home into a vacation rental?

Yes. We will be there every step of the way, including assisting with setting up routine maintenance, facilitating outfitting the home for vacation rental specific needs, or helping you take care of your short term occupancy licensing permit and any moving arrangements.

Am I obligated to sign a contract?

We work with your property whenever you want it to be available. However, if you are considering limited rental periods, then at the time we get started, we will work with you on blocking off the calendar in advance. For homes available year round, you and your friends/family/guests are still free to use the property. We work with you to determine the schedule. We are straightforward about your customer agreement and you may cancel it within 120-180 days if you are not satisfied. There is no hidden fine print to worry about. Any up front fees we cover on your behalf we will make arrangements for reimbursement if the contract is canceled. There are no cancellation fees or other hidden costs.

What is your policy on availability?

We work with your property whenever you want it to be available. However, if you are considering limited rental periods, then at the time we get started, we will work with you on blocking off the calendar in advance. For homes available year round, you and your friends/family/guests are still free to use the property. We work with you to determine the schedule.

Do you have certain size or quality requirements for homes?

Yes. Properties must be able to attract renters, and not all properties are ideally suited for short-term vacation rentals. Typically, properties located in higher-income, tourist-friendly communities perform the best. Please check with us to see if your rental is a good fit for our program. We even have some amazing studios in the heart of downtown locales that rent for 20,000-30,000 yen/night ($200 – $300) in peak seasons.

What properties won’t you represent?

We typically don’t represent shared homes/space, or places in which rooms are for rent individually. For homes that are already listed, we look for properties that are at least 8000 yen/night ($80).

What am I required to provide for guests?

Your home should be fully furnished with traditional furniture (couches, beds, dining and living room tables and chairs), appliances, eating utensils, towels, and bedding. Providing an Internet connection is mandatory, and pocket wifi (mobile hotspot) is strongly recommended. We can assist you if your home is not currently setup for full-time vacation rentals.

Do I need to provide a land-line telephone system?

No. Most guests bring their own cell phones and other connected mobile devices.

How will you advertise my rental and how much will it cost?

We will advertise your property on multiple well-known websites where people are looking for vacation rentals. Our management fee covers the costs of listing your home but if you elect to have us pay for subscription websites, then we will work with you on a reimbursement schedule. We are looking out for you: if we do not book your home, neither you nor we will make money from it.

What if my home is already listed on the sites where you advertise?

We will take over handling your listings and professionally rewrite them. Plus, we will bring your revised listings in sync with your availability calendar.

Do I have to provide my own photographs?

If you do not have any, we will work with you to get professional level photographs for your property. As a side note, the two most important aspects of getting your property successfully rented at our advertised rates are the photos and the reviews. We work hard to ensure both are professional and reliable.

How do you accept payments from guests?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Most of the sites we list your home on have embedded and secure software to process credit cards. Most travelers pay by credit card.

How often will I get paid for bookings?

Hosts get paid once a month. We will issue statements to you and deposit your payments into your bank account on the 15th of the following month. Your statements and payments will reflect all of the guests you have during any calendar month. We can also use other electronic payment methods, like PayPal when appropriate. (Clients pay associated PayPal fees if this method is used)

What if I have already booked my property?

Our management services are designed to facilitate a booking from start to finish. If you’ve already booked the home, then we will step in as soon as that reservation is complete and the home is turned over to us having been professionally cleaned. In the event you have referrals or already made reservations, we can work with you on a pricing scheme that works for all involved.

Why do you base prices on commissions?

It is standard industry practice to have a pricing system based on commissions for property management. We believe this is the best way to increase your revenue and our revenue. Our commission is only based on the non-refundable fees charged to guests. That way, we never make or take a commission on items like security deposits, etc.

What types of reports will I get for the units I book?

You will receive monthly statements listing any revenue you generated, the breakdown of the rental fees and expenses, and any charges you incur for cleaning, maintenance or installations.

Do I have to pay lodging taxes?

It is your responsibility to remit to your local authority in a timely fashion.

Do I have to provide my own cleaner or do my own laundry?

This depends on your location, we will discuss this before startup. In most cases our staff are fully equipped and operational. In fact we have back ups in place so that at all times we are able to handle anything that comes our way. The cleaners will handle your laundry.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

Depends. At the outset of working together we can work with you on the most optimal method for stocking the home. Most hosts feel that purchasing the 10 or so items we require each home to have is cost advantageous to do it themselves. We personally make sure that items including soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are provided in each home. There may be restocking charges after a guest has checked out that we will deduct from payment at end of month, but these fees are nominal and include amenities typically expected by vacation guests.

May I do my own decorating?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. We also offer optional design services with our in-house designer.

What do guests need to do in case of an emergency?

They will call us. Out of concern for your privacy, we will not reveal your identity to guests unless you want us to.

What if guests are too noisy?

We evict guests who make too much noise or damage your property.

What is your policy on maintenance and miscellaneous services? What are all the things you can do?

We handle inspections and cleanings and outsource maintenance needs as determined by the situation. For example, we have a handyman, plumber, electrician, and a cleaning crew available at all times. We also are set up to handle less-common maintenance requests and needs. We do interior decorating and handle the ordering and delivery of furniture (if necessary). If your guests forget to take out the trash, we will do it at no extra cost to you.

How will guests access the property?

We have found that guests prefer to have a self checkin system so they can access the property quickly and get some much needed rest after their long flight. We will work with you on the best solution, such as having a key lockbox at the property.

How can I enter my home?

If you need to access the property, we would like to be notified ahead of time so we can notify any guests on the property or arriving.

Do you require security deposits?

This is your decision. We are happy to include a security deposit with the listing to cover any damages.

May I make reservations to book a property for myself and others?

Yes! However, we will be happy to do it for you at no extra cost to you if you call us or get in touch with us online.

What else does “property management” include?

Standby availability for urgent or unforeseen matters that require someone at the property. This is different from our 24/7 availability service; this is the situation in which the home host (or their primary manager) couldn’t get to the property themselves. Restocking: Includes kitchen, bath(s) and laundry restocking of paper towels, toilet paper, laundry pods, and tissues. Toiletries: Each bathroom will receive shampoo, body wash, and conditioner. 24/7 availability during guests’ stay for any/all property issues. On site visit after guest departure and completion of a walk-through.

What happens when something happens on the property during the guests’ stay? (the electricity stops working, shower door breaks, a key is lost, etc.)

Happy Rooms is your guests’ first responder. We work with you prior to each guest’s arrival to determine what is pre-approved to be handled by Happy Rooms and what needs special authorization of the home host. Happy Rooms has a complete staff ready and available so that we can move quickly and efficiently to troubleshoot most any issue. Of course, if you already have staff/vendors in place, Happy Rooms will manage the repairs/fixes with those persons. Our management fee is based on this as well for instances in which we have to spend time and resources covering and filing a claim on the property’s behalf.

Does Happy Rooms provide property cleaning services?

Yes, Happy Rooms offers a dedicated cleaning service that can perform pre-guest arrival cleanings and post-guest departure cleanings for each home we manage in select areas. For other areas we will contract a reputable local service and/or negotiate another solution with the client.

Does Happy Rooms interact with the guests on the property?

To an extent, depending on your instructions prior to guest arrival. We strive to be available but we also want to respect their vacation. If you’d like us to check in with your guests on your behalf, we are happy to oblige. We have template responses for any and all guest inquiries including: pre-arrival email, during stay emails, pre-departure email, review request email. Of course, if you’d like us to use yours, that is not a problem.