Happy Rooms is a Registered Minpaku Operator in Japan

民泊代行 Airbnb management

A Happy Rooms managed apartment in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

Happy Rooms can provide all minpaku services for clients under Japanese Law

We did it! In accordance with the New Minpaku Law, all operators (short term vacation rental managers) are required to pass inspection. Operators also must become registered with the Japanese government. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines for both the operator and the client (home owner).

Happy Rooms is now officially registered! The New Minpaku Law goes into effect on June 15th. We are ready.

As with before June 15th, Happy Rooms will continue to provide all our services. These services include 24 hour messaging support with a five minutes or less response time. Multi-lingual (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc) and multi-platform support (Airbnb, Tujia, Agoda, HomeAway, Bookings.com, etc) is also provided. HR provides cleaning support and emergency support to all your guests.

New Service

Happy Rooms now provides regulatory support to assist you in obtaining the necessary registration for your room or rooms with the Japanese government. This service is highly recommended. The registration process is quite detailed and expert advice is highly recommended.

For regulatory assistance, please contact us here.


More Information on Minpaku and Happy Rooms

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Sakura captured by our Happy Team!

Sakura – a commonly used name for cherry blossom in Japan, is the country’s national flower. Being a symbol of renewal and hope, cherry blossom heralds the arrival of spring each year, and you can cherish its beauty from late March to mid-April.

…and in the night:

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